Build your brand and improve your sales with automated, high-converting physical postcards. Sign up for Mailtable.

Stand out from the crowd

Delight your customers with direct mail. Reach them at home or work with beautifully crafted postcards from Mailtable.

Create meaningful interactions

Connect with your customers and drive-growth. Use your customer data stored in Airtable to personalize and send cards that show your customers you care.

Pre-designed templates

Use our pre-designed templates to send a delightful note in seconds.

Seamless payment

Pay without ever having to leave the app. You'll simply be charged $.75 per postcard sent.


“Mailtable makes it easy to send business thank you cards. Using the Airtable app just takes a few minutes to upload a card, type a message and send.
James M.
“It’s so quick and easy to send follow-ups right after a meeting. Using the app, it’s just a few clicks to send a card.
Maggie W.
Transit Screen
Customer experience is so important. We use Mailtable to improve the onboarding experience of our users. This increases retention and lifetime member value. We are thrilled to have found them.
Pierce B.


$1/ yr
I mean, it's basically free.
Pay per send
$.75 per postcard
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign-up for a subscription?

Yes. Our subscriptions is priced to be affordable but in actuality we just need your credit card number to make it easy to charge you without leaving the Airtable app.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Sure, anytime, no questions asked.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

There is no contract - You can cancel at anytime without penalty!

I have more questions

Feel free to contact us for more answers!